The MMJHL is a Manitoba Junior B hockey league that has thrived since it’s inception in 1970.

After the creation of the Western Hockey League, founders of the MMJHL felt players didn’t adequate teams to play for in the Winnipeg area and this spawned the league. It is fabled that the “Major” portion of the name was a response to the new level of major junior hockey taking off across Canada.

Players in the MMJHL are typically local. If a player wants to play close to home after or during high school, this Manitoba Junior B league will provide a place for them.


Nicknames: MMJHL, Manitoba Junior B

Usual Training Camp, Tryout Dates: August

Draft: No

Protected List: No

Sanctioned: Yes

How old do you have to be to play? Players can be 17 – 21. Most player are 18 – 20 though.

Schedule: 45 games


Teams: 10

  • Charleswood Hawks
  • Ft.Garry/Ft.Rouge Twins
  • Pembina Valley Twisters
  • (Winnipeg) Raiders Jr. Hockey Club
  • River East Royal Knights
  • Stonewall Jets
  • St. Bonafice Riels
  • St. James Canucks
  • St. Vital Victorias
  • Transcona Railer Express

League Champ: Pembina Valley Twisters

Province(s)/State(s): Manitoba

League Trophy/Regional Championship: Jack McKenzie Trophy/None

More Details: MMJHL page


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