The CJHL or Canadian Junior Hockey League is the govenerning of Hockey Canada’s 10 sanctioned Junior A leagues. The organization camp into existence in its first incarnation in 1970 after Major Junior hockey developed in Canada.


The CJHL hosts 129 teams nationwide in every province except Newfoundland. Officially, it is broken into three zones for tournament purposes and these include the West (BCHL, AJHL, SJHL, MJHL), the Central (SIJHL, NOJHL, OJHL), and the East (CCHL, LHJAAAQ, MHL).

Championship/Trophy: Royal Bank Cup

Every spring the CJHL awards it’s championship trophy, the Royal Bank Cup, at the trophy’s namesake tournament. The tournament works in a round robin format with the best team from each zone (after winning their regional championship) squaring off. The host team is also included in the tournament, and their spot is won through a bidding process within the CJHL.

Historically, the trophy has been won the most by British Columbia (12), Saskatchewan (9) and Alberta (8).

Special Events:

The CJHL annually hosts a top prospects event. The country is divided into West and East teams who play a two-game series. The winner is awarded the President’s Cup.

This two-game series has been held within the World Junior A Championships, a tournament for the top scholarships and draft eligible players in CJHL leagues.





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